Saturday, September 15, 2012

Whispers Underground



I bet you can't tell that I stole the book cover picture off the Amazon site, can you?

Thank to my wonderful Kindle I always have several books to read, these days, but that doesn't stop me looking around for something new to read. Not that long ago these urges would have forced me to go to Stockport where there used to be a Borders Bookstore. I truly loved that place, it was light and airy and you could browse your books over a cup of coffee. I was immensely sad when it closed, but I guess it was the growing strength of Amazon that killed it. These days I can sit in my favourite armchair, with my cup of tea to hand, and browse the utterly immense Amazon Bookstore on my iPad. Bliss.

Just before we travelled to Gagny towards the end of June I happened upon a book called "The Rivers of London" by Ben Aaronovitch. I have a feeling that this particular book is called "Midnight Riot" in the States, but never mind. I found myself captivated by a comment that I read that said something like, "Imagine what would happen if Harry Potter grew up and became a policeman." That was enough to get me to buy the book, but it is a hopelessly inaccurate description of what is a brilliant book.

I read that book in three days, which is unbelievable for me in these days, and especially when I was on holiday. I don't think I have read any of Ben Aaronovitch's stuff before, but he writes scripts for Doctor Who among other things. The book is about Peter Grant, a black police constable in London, who discovers that he has magical talents. However, don't expect wands and spells, as he is still learning and after three books, he still isn't that good, but he is getting better. In the first book we meet a very unusual murderer and the daughter's of the River Thames. But you need to read this book.

Today I finished the third book, "Whispers Underground" which has quite a lot to do with the Tube and the Sewers. No, I didn't lose interest, i've been reading other books as well. These books are, to my mind, exceedingly well written. They are easy to read, pull you along with the story and they are ever so witty. The one liners keep coming and leave you chuckling away as you read.

If this sounds as if you might like it, but you don't like the idea of Harry Potter for adults, don't worry. The stories are more about policing than magic, but the characters really are magic enough to keep you enthralled. If you don't find yourself, like me, desperate for the next visit to the "Folly" I will be very surprised.


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