Monday, September 24, 2012



I'll own up straight away and say that I am writing this not on Monday, but on Wednesday. Missed out on two days for one reason and another, but more of that in Tuesday's post. For now......

It rained heavily on Monday, steady, heavy, miserable rain. The sort of drenching rain that leaves you cold and miserable. Suited my mood o Monday, I have to admit. Went out for my usual walk with Jasper and we got soaked together.

We had a homemade sandwich for lunch, and yes, at the moment I am sticking to the diet, but I will write honestly about it here, in the blog. Did I say that I am following Weight Watchers, well I am. No meetings, just my online planner. We shall see.

In the afternoon my wife and I went shopping to the new shopping area that is growing up, finally, where the knicker factory used to be. It's been a long slog, seeing one thing get slowly converted into another, one firm that started to transform the site went bust in the depression. However, a new developer has taken over and at last we have some new, spectacular shops and things. There is an M&S Simply Food almost ready to open, and Domino's Pizza is already open. Today's visit was far more prosaic, though. I went for a new set of track suit bottoms, without metal zips, that I need for my trip out tomorrow.

More of that tomorrow.

I spent the evening at my Mark Lodge. The Mark is a Masonic Order, often referred to as a Side Degree. The main part of freemasonry is what is called Craft Freemasonry. That is made up of three parts, called Degrees, and you work your way through them one at a time. You can stick at that if you choose, and many Masons do. If you want to take it further, as I did, because I enjoy it so much, you can extend things by joining Side Degrees. The Mark is one of those, based around some aspects of the second degree in the Craft?

On Monday I became Junior Warden of my Mark Lodge, a significant step up the ladder. I shall not say more about it, not because it's secret but because one shouldn't spoil it for people who haven't joined yet. However, let me say that I have been a Mason since 2000, and I have never regretted joining. It has helped me to become more capable as a person.

So we had a good meeting, a lovely meal afterwards, then I helped to wash up the glasses at the bar and home at about ten o'clock. And so to Tuesday.

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