Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Which brings us to Tuesday!


I was not looking forward to today, not one bit. The visit to the consultant, about ten days ago, turned into an appointment to attend the MRI scanner at Tameside Hospital at 1.30 this afternoon. I got myself quite worked up about this, with a wobbly tummy and all. Then I prayed, and I'm not good at praying, and never feel that it's right to ask for something for yourself, but in this case, I tried and got a lot of peace from it. I've said before that I think of myself as a Christian, even if not a very good one. But I've been told any number ofttimes that none of us is good enough, so maybe I'm no better and no worse than most. Whatever, after that the butterflies calmed down.

Actually it wasn't too bad. I arrived in time for my appointment, and I went into the Scanner on time. It is big and very smoothly plastic. I suppose that the fact that they were scanning my naughty bits worked in my favour, because I went into the Scanner feet first. I'm very grateful for that because if I'd gone in head first I might well have suffered from tunnel syndrome. There is not a lot of room inside that scanner. And it is noisy, I have no idea what makes the noise, I mean most magnets are silent, so I have no idea why it makes so much noise with a sort of high speed boinging.

So, it lasted about a half hour and that was it. I was back home by 2.30. I guess that the scary bi starts now, waiting for the results. I will tell you when I get them, why not. And that will do for today because I don't want to bore you. Hopefully, tomorrow I will have something interesting to talk about.

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