Friday, June 3, 2011


You can tell at a glance how long ago it is that I wrote on this blog, and I was enjoying doing it. Time to get off my bottom and get it going again.

I've had a very long, lazy day. The first day in nearly six weeks when I have not been charging off to somewhere in Manchester to invigilate an exam. However, we are nearly finished, with this stint at least. I have one exam to do on Monday Morning and then, unless they give me any extras I will be finished for now. I have no idea when, if ever, there will be any more. Still, it has got me out and about, feeling at least a little bit needed and they have actually paid me money for doing it.

I'm going out with my dear lady wife this evening. We are going to be reunited with some of my ex-colleagues from School Teaching days. It ought to be fun.

Maybe I'll tell you what happened tomorrow. If we are spared.

Kiss, kiss.