Monday, November 24, 2008

Let me just try something. Just put this in here like this, and put that in there .....

I was reading this thing the other day. It was in a magazine (at this time of the year I don't seem to have enough time to read ..... no that's a lie ..... I'll come back to that.)

I was reading a piece in a Magazine and it mentioned that in some blogging systems you can send things to the blog by email.

So I got out my copy of the Blogger engine and read the instructions .... and lo and behold, it appears that you can do just that.

This may be the answer to a prayer. I've not been adding to the blog for a good month now, but if I can send a post to the blog as easily as I can send an email to somebody. 

That's a laugh. I don't even get around to sending emails to people who I really ought to send them to. I must write to Howard. He will think that I really am a total plonker. Saw him this Summer, had a really good couple of hours over a pint, then I've just never written back. So I must write to Howard very soon.

When I said I hadn't been reading much I forgot that I'm halfway through a really good SF novel, or series I suppose. One that I'm really enjoying. More of that another time. This really was just a trial, to see if the old email thingy really works. Oh please, I do hope that it does!

Love you and leave you for now.