Wednesday, September 26, 2012

An Interesting Lunch Date


Today was the first day of a new course that our Vicar, James, is running. I've never felt as if I wanted to attend a course at Church before, but I have to admit that James is changing some of my perspectives. Not sure about how they are changing yet, but they are. In general the course takes place on a Monday Evening, but evenings are quite awkward for me at times, so I was happy to take advantage of the chance to run the course on a Wednesday afternoon as well.

So we met up for lunch, five of us in total, plus James. We chatted as we ate, then we talked about our Church. It was a good opportunity to think about our individual place in the family of the Church. I have a bad habit of talking too much, so I tried hard to keep my input to a minimum. I just hope that I didn't talk too much.

That will do for today, busy day, so I shall see you tomorrow.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Which brings us to Tuesday!


I was not looking forward to today, not one bit. The visit to the consultant, about ten days ago, turned into an appointment to attend the MRI scanner at Tameside Hospital at 1.30 this afternoon. I got myself quite worked up about this, with a wobbly tummy and all. Then I prayed, and I'm not good at praying, and never feel that it's right to ask for something for yourself, but in this case, I tried and got a lot of peace from it. I've said before that I think of myself as a Christian, even if not a very good one. But I've been told any number ofttimes that none of us is good enough, so maybe I'm no better and no worse than most. Whatever, after that the butterflies calmed down.

Actually it wasn't too bad. I arrived in time for my appointment, and I went into the Scanner on time. It is big and very smoothly plastic. I suppose that the fact that they were scanning my naughty bits worked in my favour, because I went into the Scanner feet first. I'm very grateful for that because if I'd gone in head first I might well have suffered from tunnel syndrome. There is not a lot of room inside that scanner. And it is noisy, I have no idea what makes the noise, I mean most magnets are silent, so I have no idea why it makes so much noise with a sort of high speed boinging.

So, it lasted about a half hour and that was it. I was back home by 2.30. I guess that the scary bi starts now, waiting for the results. I will tell you when I get them, why not. And that will do for today because I don't want to bore you. Hopefully, tomorrow I will have something interesting to talk about.

Monday, September 24, 2012



I'll own up straight away and say that I am writing this not on Monday, but on Wednesday. Missed out on two days for one reason and another, but more of that in Tuesday's post. For now......

It rained heavily on Monday, steady, heavy, miserable rain. The sort of drenching rain that leaves you cold and miserable. Suited my mood o Monday, I have to admit. Went out for my usual walk with Jasper and we got soaked together.

We had a homemade sandwich for lunch, and yes, at the moment I am sticking to the diet, but I will write honestly about it here, in the blog. Did I say that I am following Weight Watchers, well I am. No meetings, just my online planner. We shall see.

In the afternoon my wife and I went shopping to the new shopping area that is growing up, finally, where the knicker factory used to be. It's been a long slog, seeing one thing get slowly converted into another, one firm that started to transform the site went bust in the depression. However, a new developer has taken over and at last we have some new, spectacular shops and things. There is an M&S Simply Food almost ready to open, and Domino's Pizza is already open. Today's visit was far more prosaic, though. I went for a new set of track suit bottoms, without metal zips, that I need for my trip out tomorrow.

More of that tomorrow.

I spent the evening at my Mark Lodge. The Mark is a Masonic Order, often referred to as a Side Degree. The main part of freemasonry is what is called Craft Freemasonry. That is made up of three parts, called Degrees, and you work your way through them one at a time. You can stick at that if you choose, and many Masons do. If you want to take it further, as I did, because I enjoy it so much, you can extend things by joining Side Degrees. The Mark is one of those, based around some aspects of the second degree in the Craft?

On Monday I became Junior Warden of my Mark Lodge, a significant step up the ladder. I shall not say more about it, not because it's secret but because one shouldn't spoil it for people who haven't joined yet. However, let me say that I have been a Mason since 2000, and I have never regretted joining. It has helped me to become more capable as a person.

So we had a good meeting, a lovely meal afterwards, then I helped to wash up the glasses at the bar and home at about ten o'clock. And so to Tuesday.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Colour Me Thin

I ate far too much last evening at Chris & Linda's reception. My problem is that I am greedy and never have had the metabolism to stay thin while eating too much. I got up on Sunday morning and still felt full. Putting on my suit yesterday was uncomfortable, so I think that it is time, more than time, to do something about this.

I weighed myself and, unfortunately, have managed to go back up to 18 stone and 6 pounds, which is gross. That has to mark the start of a period of reviewing my food intake again. I know that I can lose weight, and I have done it before, all too many times. I suffer from the fact that I boomerang back up again. Never mind, I need to make another start.

I shall follow Weight Watchers Pro Points Plan again, but I won't go to meetings. Unfortunately Weight Watchers meetings attract mostly women, the classes are aimed at those they attract, so I don't think they are for me. I pay for the online service that WW do, and my iPad has an app for weight watchers, so I shall be my own club.

I like WW because you really can eat anything that you want, as long as you count the points, and I can do that. I need to up my exercise as well, which is good news for Jasper, and I shall write on here, from time to time, and say how I am doing. I'll also put some information of Facebook. I rather like Facebook because it helps me to keep in touch with some of the people from my life before retirement. I think that I will either get a lot of support or a lot of derision from them, probably the former.

But I can say what I like on here, because nobody at all is reading it.

And one final thing. I have an awful sweet tooth, but I plan to deal with it. I read somewhere, last year, that if you give up sugar, or sweetener, for two weeks, you'll never use it again. Well I stopped adding sugar to anything, years ago, but I use too many sweeteners or too much sugar substitute. So I stopped having sugar, or sweetener, in or on anything. Tea certainly tastes different, but I shall try it for the two weeks, and I'll let you know if it works.

So here I am, one day in to he new regime, I really will try. Wish me luck.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Wedding Day


I have no intention of writing much this evening, it is now not far off midnight and I am going to bed. However, I promised t write every day, and so I shall. Chris & Linda's wedding was wonderful. Chadderton Town Hall turned out to be an excellent venue and the service was delightful. This evening we had a wonderful reception in the Banqueting Suite of the Masonic Hall. A lovely evening with good food and brilliant company. Most of the members of the Lodge were there and it went very well indeed. But it is late and we shall leave it there! Good Night, if there is anyone actually reading this, which I doubt, because there are no comments.

Friday, September 21, 2012

In Search of Chadderton

Tomorrow, we are going to the wedding of Chris and Linda, which will be taking place at the Registry Office at Chadderton Town Hall. I think that Chis and Linda have been living together for something like 27 years, so I guess they have had enough time to decide if they can get along together. Never mind, as a committed Christian, and I am, I think that they are doing exactly the right thing and I am only too happy to be supporting them. For some unknown reason, Chris asked me to be his best man, but I'm really not at all sure why. Not that it matters, it is his choice!

So the day started with a rainy morning walk with Jasper. I should say that he enjoyed today's walk more than me. We took two tennis balls and a ball thrower and walked along the path through the woods with me throwing one ball after the other, and Jasper hunting them down. The result of this is that Jasper arrives home looking like a walking mud ball, that leads to a shower under the garden hose which itself leads to me being showered by Jasper shaking. He does enjoy his walks.

Then we went is search of Chadderton. Daft really, because all that you do is to drive down to Ashton, drive up to Oldham and turn leftist. The town Hall is about 200 yards down from the roundabout. Too easy.

In the evening we had a practice meeting for my Mark Lodge. The Mark Degree is a lovely little order, one of the Masonic Orders that we refer to as Side Degrees, I guess because they stand to the side of the three main degrees of Craft Masonry. My Mark Lodge meets in Glossop and comes under the Province of Derbyshire. I really consider myself as belonging to the Masonic Province of East Lancashire, but I love going to my little Mark Lodge. I think that there are about 18 active members of our Lodge, which is getting to be a little on the low side, but we battle on. We could do with a few more members really, but it just isn't happening at the moment. On Monday we will hold our Installation Meeting when our new WM takes the chair. I will take the Junior Warden's chair which means that I will become WM in three years, if God preserves us all.

And soto bed. Chris and Linda's wedding tomorrow. That is really something to look forward to. Sweet Dreams, one and all.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Rainy Days and Thursdays

Some days it's easy to think about what to say here, and others it's not. My resolution was to write something every day and so far I have kept up with that, so this is my 20th successive blog, but I might have to amend that promise in October, we'll see. Nothing much to say today. Jasper and I had a gentle walk through our woods, and we kept dry most of the way, with only one brief sharp shower towards he end. Jasper had a very brief chase with Molly the Spaniel, though it is daft to pretend that he considers her a friend. But then I am daft when it comes to my dog.

I'm in the middle of writing my Newsletter at the moment. I produce a Newsletter for the Freemasons in our District, that being Ashton & Mossley. I also keep our District News Page up to date on the Provincial Website. You are welcome to look at it, it isn't a secret, if you want to by clicking here. Just don't expect toreador any secret words, 'cos there aren't any.

So I was supposed to be writing my newsletter, but spent the afternoon playing games, reading and generally wasting time. However, I did finish the first draft of the newsletter in the evening when my wife was out at her Trefoil Guild. So it has gone off by Internet for approval.

And today's title? Well, it has been another very wet, cold and rather unpleasant day, weather wise. Looks rather as if Autumn has set in. Pretty miserable year, this year, so far, in terms of weather, but we aren't done yet.

A demain, faites des beaux reves.