Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Playing Catch Up

Okay, I really did miss yesterday, Wednesday 12th though this post says it was done then. Yesterday was a busy day and I was out all through the afternoon and evening. I didn't actually end up getting home until 9.30, with a box full of pizza. By the time I'd eaten that, had a drink and watched a programme about multi faith funerals, I was good for nothing but bed. Mind you, the Pizza turned out to be a mistake because I suffered for it. Indigestion at 2am is no joke. Yes, I had some good antacid tablets in the bedside cabinet, and they took the heat out of the indigestion straight away, they still leave you feeling a bit odd at 2am. I didn't get back to sleep till 4, but at least I am no longer required to get up as early as I once was. So I go some decent sleep before the night was over.

The big news yesterday was about the results of the Bishop of Liverpool and his team's report on the Hillsborough disaster. I still remember, in great detail, what I knew of the events of that day. I was at home on my own, my wife having gone to see her Dad in Liverpool. It was one of those days, rather like 9/11 when news trickles in over an extended period of time. At the time I was appalled at the dreadful loss of life, and the conditions in which the 96 died. Hearing, In yesterday's report, that half of those who died were still capable of being saved some time after the initial report said they were dead makes those events even worse.

To discover now that the reports of the police colluding to hide the truth, and engineering a situation that attempted to make them seem good, makes things all the worse. And I know that there are still people out there who still lay the blame on Liverpool fans, despite yesterday's report, makes me wonder about the nature of some people's way of thinking.

I was happy to see that the Chief Constable of South Yorkshire believes that it is necessary, now, to proceed to the prosecution of some of those involved. That is the right thing to do. I should also say that I really agree with those who have said that the Sun Newspaper's apology for it's story, all those years ago, about all of the blame falling on the shoulders of the Liverpool fans, really is too little, too late.

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