Thursday, September 20, 2012

Rainy Days and Thursdays

Some days it's easy to think about what to say here, and others it's not. My resolution was to write something every day and so far I have kept up with that, so this is my 20th successive blog, but I might have to amend that promise in October, we'll see. Nothing much to say today. Jasper and I had a gentle walk through our woods, and we kept dry most of the way, with only one brief sharp shower towards he end. Jasper had a very brief chase with Molly the Spaniel, though it is daft to pretend that he considers her a friend. But then I am daft when it comes to my dog.

I'm in the middle of writing my Newsletter at the moment. I produce a Newsletter for the Freemasons in our District, that being Ashton & Mossley. I also keep our District News Page up to date on the Provincial Website. You are welcome to look at it, it isn't a secret, if you want to by clicking here. Just don't expect toreador any secret words, 'cos there aren't any.

So I was supposed to be writing my newsletter, but spent the afternoon playing games, reading and generally wasting time. However, I did finish the first draft of the newsletter in the evening when my wife was out at her Trefoil Guild. So it has gone off by Internet for approval.

And today's title? Well, it has been another very wet, cold and rather unpleasant day, weather wise. Looks rather as if Autumn has set in. Pretty miserable year, this year, so far, in terms of weather, but we aren't done yet.

A demain, faites des beaux reves.

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