Friday, September 7, 2012

Heritage Open Day

Today was one of three Heritage Open Days here in the UK. Basically this is a weekend when all sorts of Heritage buildings that might not normally be open to the public, are. Once upon a time, Churches were always open, but that was in the days when people who steal things to sell for money did not steal from churches. These days they do and, as a result, churches like ours are locked up. Isn't that a great shame.

Our Church is open for three days, and people from the congregation take it in turns to be stewards. It was my turn today, from 12 noon till 1 pm. We had music and heritage films playing, but there were only two visitors during the hour. I made them a cup of coffee and had a chat with them. Two nice blokes.

Then I went home.

But I actually enjoyed my hour no end. So here is a picture of Sir Reginald Bretland. He lives in his cold stone form in the choir vestry that was once a chapel. He reclines in his stone coat on a stone pillow that looks anything but comfortable. I can't tell you much because his epigram is in Latin, but I'm sure he was a nice bloke.


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Gerald (Hyde DP) said...

That is the problem with Heritage Open Days - everything is open on the same day so unless you have transport and oodles of time you can't get to more than one or two. I couldn't go anywhere until 2.30 Satuday so only managed to go to one event and not to two or three I'd like to have visited.