Sunday, September 9, 2012

Saturday Night & Sunday Morning

I'll start with an acknowledgement. Despite the fact that the date at the head of this blog post says Saturday, it is, in fact, Sunday. This is actually the first occasion when I have missed the new concept of the daily post. Mind you, since I have no evidence to suggest that anyone at all is reading these posts, what the eye don't see the heart won't grieve about. I must admit that the imbibing of a bottle of Mr Magners' finest Irish Pear Cider did not help in the purpose of keeping up to date with the daily blog. Mind you, it did taste awfully good!

Another interesting fact is that I am sitting in Church writing my blog. My dear wife has just expressed surprise that I am sitting in the Church pew with my iPad on my knee. However, since we got to Church an hour before the service begins, I thought that I might as well do something with the time. However, if the blog stops abruptly, and never restart, you can take it as a sign that almighty God objected in a far more permanent way. Okay so far. However, since I have a firm belief that my God is a loving and forgiving God, I think that I will be okay.

All of this has become possible thanks to the purchase of the iPad. My dear wife repeatedly tells me that I now live with it attached,as with glue, to my right hand. The iPad on its own, though, is not sufficient. I only bought the WiFi version, because the 4G model, it appears, does not work in the UK. Mind you, I'm perfectly happy with the WiFi, though it does mean that I cannot write the Blog online, sitting here in Church.

That's where Blogsy comes in. No matter whether you have ever been tempted by an iAnything, or not, you will have heard the phrase "There's an App for it." Blogsy is the App for writing my Blog. It isn't the only App for writing Blogs, but it's the one that I have found, and I am very happy with it. Tell you what, I think it is a lot better for writing my Blog than Google's Blogger. The only thing it doesn't do is to think up the content, and that is the hardest part.

Only one thing left to try is to take a photo with the built in camera, and add it to the Blog. Well, I got it, but I couldn't get it below the last sentence.


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