Sunday, September 23, 2012

Colour Me Thin

I ate far too much last evening at Chris & Linda's reception. My problem is that I am greedy and never have had the metabolism to stay thin while eating too much. I got up on Sunday morning and still felt full. Putting on my suit yesterday was uncomfortable, so I think that it is time, more than time, to do something about this.

I weighed myself and, unfortunately, have managed to go back up to 18 stone and 6 pounds, which is gross. That has to mark the start of a period of reviewing my food intake again. I know that I can lose weight, and I have done it before, all too many times. I suffer from the fact that I boomerang back up again. Never mind, I need to make another start.

I shall follow Weight Watchers Pro Points Plan again, but I won't go to meetings. Unfortunately Weight Watchers meetings attract mostly women, the classes are aimed at those they attract, so I don't think they are for me. I pay for the online service that WW do, and my iPad has an app for weight watchers, so I shall be my own club.

I like WW because you really can eat anything that you want, as long as you count the points, and I can do that. I need to up my exercise as well, which is good news for Jasper, and I shall write on here, from time to time, and say how I am doing. I'll also put some information of Facebook. I rather like Facebook because it helps me to keep in touch with some of the people from my life before retirement. I think that I will either get a lot of support or a lot of derision from them, probably the former.

But I can say what I like on here, because nobody at all is reading it.

And one final thing. I have an awful sweet tooth, but I plan to deal with it. I read somewhere, last year, that if you give up sugar, or sweetener, for two weeks, you'll never use it again. Well I stopped adding sugar to anything, years ago, but I use too many sweeteners or too much sugar substitute. So I stopped having sugar, or sweetener, in or on anything. Tea certainly tastes different, but I shall try it for the two weeks, and I'll let you know if it works.

So here I am, one day in to he new regime, I really will try. Wish me luck.

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