Monday, September 10, 2012

Blackpool Bubbles and London Volunteers

I've just been watching a programme on the Babble Box concerning the work of the Emergency Services in Blackpool. The whole programme seems to have been concerned with the effects of drug taking on the population of Blackpool. This was definitely not about gangs of young people going to Blackpool at the weekend to get bladdered, it was about the residents and their drug habits.

One young bloke admitted to taking 80 Vallium in one session. Having destroyed his flat and threatened his landlord he was arrested. Locked in a cell he urinated on the floor, despite there being a toilet in the cell. Heathen trampled his blanked into the urine. In the morning, wrapped in the blanket, he couldn't account for what he'd done, couldn't even remember it.

They also referred to a new drug that is increasingly popular in Blackpool, called Bubble. ( Apparently the same substance is called Meeow Meeow in Cumbria (I'm surprised it's not called Baa Baa )) this substance is actually Baby Bio, a plant food, that you can buy in a Garden Centre. It makes me wonder who first tried drinking plant food and decided you could get high on it.

What sort of society are we living in when the Police are spending so much of their time dealing with idiotic young people who are off their heads on a range of substances from Vallium to Baby Bio.

It leaves me feeling increasingly concerned about my safety in a world such as this. I can certainly foresee a time when I won't be able to leave my house after dark. That is a truly scarey prospect.

Then, on the other hand we have spent the afternoon watching pictures from the celebrations in London. All the pictures of young volunteers who have enjoyed a month as Games Makers for the Olympics & Paralympics. I know which of these two groups of young people I would rather see inheriting the earth. Mind you, I cannot really see anyone who thinks of Baby Bio as a fun substance to drink living long enough to inherit anything.

Sleep well!

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