Tuesday, September 11, 2012

A Bad Day

It's only a bad day in the sense that I just cannot think of anything to write about today. It's too obvious in a sense to write about September 11th, which has already become an iconic date. Yes, I do remember where I was when I heard about the events of that day. I had come out of work early because of a dental emergency, and I was sitting in the Dentist's chair, with the radio on when the news began to break. I went home, turned the TV on and watched those pictures coming in, of the planes hitting the towers. Of the towers falling. Sometimes, there are no words ........

But today was a bit of a nothing day. I walked Jasper in the rain and we got wet. I came home, had lunch and did some work on a Newsletter I produce.

So, in order to raise the tone a little, here's a nice picture.

The picture is taken from the Guardian's wonderful Eyewitness series. This picture shows Beth Tweddell, the Olympic Bronze Medal gymnast, who has now "retired". Since she no longer needs to worry so much about injuring herself in the gym, she decided to do something for fun. Me, I would have gone for a walk in the country.

Ah well.


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