Sunday, September 2, 2012

The Raggedy Man

Sundays are always a bit different, because going to Church takes up such a chunk of the day that other things move around to fit in. On top of that, I slept really well, not waking up till half past eight. So Jasper the Spaniel got his breakfast, but no walk. That's normal and he can survive that once a week. Church itself was good, and very enjoyable. I have been going to Church all my life and I enjoy the singing, the companionship, the fellowship, but I go to Church because I have that curious thing, faith. Anyway, now is not the time to talk about either my church, or my faith, for now. So you don't need to run away.

I'm a fan of Science Fiction, I have been reading it since I was about 12. Early on my favourite writer was Robert Heinlein, and I think that I have read all of his books. Don't want to talk about favoured writers or favourite stories today, though I will admit that these days I read more fantasy that sf. However, I thought I'd just ruminate for a paragraph about the return of the Doctor. It was hown on the BBC last night, but because we were out at Stuart & Anita's Wedding Reception last night, I had to record it on my Sky+ box. I must talk about Sky and Sky+ some other time.

I started watching the Doctor in the mid 1960's, when it began and the Doctor was played by William Hartnell. I think I have seen just about every episode over the years. There is something else I can talk about another time. However, I have to say that when Matt Smith was announced as the new Doctor, to replace David Tennant, I was disappointed, I just couldn't see him in the role, he just was not the Doctor. How wrong I was. I think he has been excellent, and I have been ever so impressed by the story lines under Stephen Moffatt. I think I am in love with Amy Pond, and I do not look forward to her leaving the show, but we all learn that all good things do, eventually, come to an end.

I won't critique last night's episode, "The Dalek Asylum", I can leave that to so many others. However, I was very impressed by the character of Oswin in the story. I thought, this girl is good, I wond who she is. At he end of the show I checked out the cast list, Oswin was played by Jenna Louise Coleman. Hang on, isn't she the new companion, who is destined to replace Amy Pond this series? So I looked her up on he ubiquitous net. She is!

I read the review on Huffington Post, both the .com and the versions. Both feature excellent reviews by different people. If you want to know what the Huff thinks about he new series of Doctor Who, they both tell you very well. I just think that Doctor Who is in good hand and I rather think it will continue to thrive. I must say that i am happy to see that the new episode has raised more questions than answers.

Bring it on!


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