Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Jasper the Spaniel makes a new friend.

Today was a busy day, but Jasper and I went a walk along the Longdendale Trail. Jasper met a new friend who was every bit as daft as Jasper. They ran around each other, up and down and all over for about an hour. Here is a photograph of Jasper's new friend. He is called Hector and he is an Italian Spinone.

Handsome bugger, isn't he. You can see why Jasper is so taken with him, same taste in mud packs, eh?

Here is a pretty picture of Jasper walking along the path. Notice the dappled sunlight. A truly gorgeous pastoral scene. Mind you, it's probably a good job that I didn't take a photograph a few moments later when Hector the Italian Spinone burst out of the undergrowth on the right and Jasper chased him into the mud filled culvert to the top right of the picture. Within 30 seconds of taking this picture the pair of them looked like mobile mud hounds.

The joys of walking in the countryside. A demain!


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