Friday, September 14, 2012

Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge

I found this picture on Google Images and thought I'd use it because it shows Kate wearing a mac. Yes, it's really Saturday morning and I'm feeling inclined to be grumpy again. So let me start by putting my cards firmly on the table. I am utterly opposed to some grimy little filthy toe rag of a "photographer" making a hell of a lot of money by invading William & Kate's privacy in order to make a great deal of money by selling them to one of Berlusconi's rags. Yes, I am undoubtedly a monarchist. Even in the 21st century I think that it is an excellent system of government. And finally, no I am not a fan of the late, and to me unlamented, Diana, Princess of Wales.

Firstly, I believe that we are all entitled to privacy. If we want to frolic naked in our own home, or garden, behind our own walls, or in a place that we have gone on holiday, such as a hotel room, or a villa that belongs to a family member, or even one we have rented, then it is nobody else's business. It was a gross violation of that freedom of privacy for some little toe rag to take photographs of Prince Harry in Las Vegas a few weeks ago. It is also an invasion of the freedom of privacy for this current "paparazzi" to take photographs of Kate while staying at a private villa in Provence. So the editor of the "magazine" claims that she was in full view of a public road. Only if you consider that "full view" means climbing a tree and using a camera lens big enough to take close up photographs from more than a mile away. This is truly grotesque!

So is it right for someone to go around with their normal camera, taking photographs of any ordinary person over their garden fence, or even through their windows.

The editor of the French rag that published the pictures seemed to think it was perfectly okay. My personal feeling is that the editor of the rag should be held personally responsible, and personally liable. As to the photographer, I'd be tempted to string him up! But I would certainly strip him/her naked and publish pictures, and still take all of their ill gotten gains away.

As to that declaration that I'm a monarchist, well I have always seen the best justification for a constitutional monarchy in a very few words. I'd much rather see even Charles on the throne than have to live under a President Thatcher or President Blair. God preserve us from that.


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