Friday, September 21, 2012

In Search of Chadderton

Tomorrow, we are going to the wedding of Chris and Linda, which will be taking place at the Registry Office at Chadderton Town Hall. I think that Chis and Linda have been living together for something like 27 years, so I guess they have had enough time to decide if they can get along together. Never mind, as a committed Christian, and I am, I think that they are doing exactly the right thing and I am only too happy to be supporting them. For some unknown reason, Chris asked me to be his best man, but I'm really not at all sure why. Not that it matters, it is his choice!

So the day started with a rainy morning walk with Jasper. I should say that he enjoyed today's walk more than me. We took two tennis balls and a ball thrower and walked along the path through the woods with me throwing one ball after the other, and Jasper hunting them down. The result of this is that Jasper arrives home looking like a walking mud ball, that leads to a shower under the garden hose which itself leads to me being showered by Jasper shaking. He does enjoy his walks.

Then we went is search of Chadderton. Daft really, because all that you do is to drive down to Ashton, drive up to Oldham and turn leftist. The town Hall is about 200 yards down from the roundabout. Too easy.

In the evening we had a practice meeting for my Mark Lodge. The Mark Degree is a lovely little order, one of the Masonic Orders that we refer to as Side Degrees, I guess because they stand to the side of the three main degrees of Craft Masonry. My Mark Lodge meets in Glossop and comes under the Province of Derbyshire. I really consider myself as belonging to the Masonic Province of East Lancashire, but I love going to my little Mark Lodge. I think that there are about 18 active members of our Lodge, which is getting to be a little on the low side, but we battle on. We could do with a few more members really, but it just isn't happening at the moment. On Monday we will hold our Installation Meeting when our new WM takes the chair. I will take the Junior Warden's chair which means that I will become WM in three years, if God preserves us all.

And soto bed. Chris and Linda's wedding tomorrow. That is really something to look forward to. Sweet Dreams, one and all.

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