Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Tuesday 2nd September

First day back for the students today. Only the new students started work at 8.30, the rest of them, the old soaks, rolled in at 11 am. My lot have just moved into Year 10, so they are 14 going on 20. In our school they change from a green uniform to a blue uniform when they go into Year 10, and today was the day. They look so nice in their new uniforms. Ahhhhh bless.

I saw my new IT Class in Year 9 for the first time today. There were just six girls present, but I'm only expecting 9 when the class is full. They are not terribly able students and they are with me in order to give them a better chance of doing well. The thing that upset me was that they are so very negative about their ability to use computers. We shall have to see how we get on.

Went to see the nurse at our local health centre today to be told that I am very overweight, which I know, and that my blood pressure is very high, which I suspected. I shall have to do something about it, before I explode. Right, if I announce on here that I am going to start losing weight, maybe I'll stick with it. Maybe.

It's good this, you can say anything that you like because nobody ever reads it. They are always saying that there are millions of blogs in the blogosphere. Does anyone ever read them or do all those millions simply write for self aggrandisement. It is habit forming, though.

See you all tomorrow, if we are spared!


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Paul said...

Interesting blogs! We are becoming an academy too next year. Results for us magically rose above 30% to 49% which is a bit suss as far as i'm concerned. on a serious note get ya health/weight sorted as you will have to take tablets for blood pressure which could lead on to diabetes -type2-. Guess what? - Straight from the horse's mouth! oh well....! And it seems that peeps do read these tho i doubt i'll be able to find it again. Best of luck.