Saturday, September 6, 2008

A Moderately Happy Man!

See. This is what happens. You miss writing in your diary / journal / blog for one day and suddenly it is the weekend.

Sorry, but then, as far as I'm concerned I'm the only person whoever reads this so it really doesn't matter at all.

Wednesday was a bit of a washout. At the end of school we had a Tutor Team meeting. It bothers me that all we seem to be concerned with these days is the statistical output of results from the girls, rather than considering each individual and aiming to do the best by her. So our meeting was mostly about setting targets for this that and the other. In the evening I spent my time typing up the Minutes from last months meeting of the Parochial Church Council Standing Committee. Oh yes, and Hayley, our friend and Podiatrist came round and sorted out my feet again. There is nothing quite so nice as having nice feet, and I haven't got them, but it's not because Hayley is at fault. So by the time that this, that and the other was done, it was time to sit down and watch "Who Do You Think You Are?" on the BBC. If anyone ever reads this and doesn't know what it is, it's a genealogy program tracing famous people's families. We love it. By the time it was over I could not be bothered getting the computer going, so one day wasted.

Thursday. Pleasant day at school followed by the evening spent out in good company with friends. And the blog didn't come into it! So ya boo sucks to you, blogspot!

Friday. I was dischuffed in School by a piece of paper asking me to account for the different teaching methods I had employed last year in teaching my Year 11 class. The fact that my classes results are clearly appalling, despite the fact that two of the 18 got A* grades at GCSE and several others managed ABC grades. Obviously I am now shit as a teacher. I don't know exactly what percentage of ABC grades my class got, but it was clearly very poor. Apparently my class gained 1 grade and lost 36. So I should be put up against a wall and shot! As I say, there were two A* grades, and it is impossible to get a better grade than that, so how come I only gained 1 grade, because the target for one of those girls was an A* and she got an A* so that is presumably a grade lost, but how the hell was she supposed to do better than an A* when that is all that there is. Okay, so a lot of the girls did worse in History than in their other subjects, but there might just be reasons for that, other than my shite teaching. However, take it from me, I am now clearly judged as being piss poor at the teaching game.

I'm glad that nobody but me reads this as they might object to my language. However, being judged like that on Friday morning does not leave you wanting to write the blog on Friday night.

So I drank a couple of cans of Newcastle Brown Ale instead and watched the new Harry Enfield & Paul Waterhouse Comedy on TV. To paraphrase the Prince Regent, rather than Bugger Bognor we'll go with Stuff School. Still nice and alliterative.

Today. Well, got up late, mooched around, had lunch and trolled into Glossop for a look at the shops. Bought one pair of shoe laces. Wowee!!!!!!!!!!

I have installed the latest version of Rainlendar on my home computer. It is a calendar program that sits on the desktop and shows all of the events from my Google Calendar, which is superb. Since I have several Google Calendars, and it shows them all, you cannot really complain can you. I just wish it did a separate colour for each calendar, that would be even nicer.

I do love software that does its job well. Microsoft Office 7 is superb, but it costs the earth. Rainlendar works very well indeed and does not!

By the way, I installed Chrome, the new browser from Google and so far I am impressed. It looks to be every bit as good as Firefox. Anyway, advert over. If anyone from Google is reading this I'll take any commission in the form of EUROs, as they are worth more today than they were seven weeks ago!

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