Monday, September 8, 2008

And with a bright flash .... it was gone

I can see a pattern developing here. WHAT HAPPENED TO SUNDAY?

So we've gone from Tuesday last week to Monday this week with only one post in between. If I don't watch it this will be the beginning of the end.

Saturday Night was smart. We went out with our friend Barbara & Richard and the other Barbara to the "Sweet Mandarin" in Manchester. If anyone ever reads this and lives around Manchester, give it a try. An excellent Chinese Restaurant opposite what used to be the Fish Market. Modern, superb food and not too expensive. They make a lot of money on drinks, though, but I suppose that is true of all restaurants. We had a very nice mixed banquet but we were talking about it today and the way prices are going at the moment, maybe we need to buy five dishes and share next time.

Unfortunately I was the designated driver this time, as was Rich, so we ended up on Coca Cola while the women put away quantities of white wine. Ah well, it will be my turn next time.

Sunday was a nice day, despite the fact that it rained none stop all day. At least we have the benefit of living on a hill in the Peak District. I pity the people of Morpeth in Northumberland who received all of September's Rain on Friday. With the following result:

How do you cope with sitting watching TV when your house fills up with water. And the horrible nature of the water at that. We watched the news on Sunday Morning when they showed what was left on the carpet on Sunday Morning.

It was a longer than usual service at Church on Sunday. Philip, the Vicar, was away and we had a visiting Canon. He may be missing having his own church and we got a service that laster 1 hour and 40 minutes. Too long for me. I'm sure that the sermon was very erudite, but he lost me after 20 minutes. Still.

I spent the rainy afternoon mainly doing School Work of one sort and another. It is the great joy of teaching that you get to mark all of this work. Ah I do so love correcting exercises ... NOT!

Then we went back to Church for the once a month service of Evensong. I'm not a modernist. I don't believe that Church Services have to be in "Modern" to be accessible. I am a great lover of the old, traditional, Book of Common Prayer that has been in use since, what, about 1605. It has stood the Church of England in good stead for four hundred years and I find it perfectly accessible today. To the modernists I ask, do we need to re-write Shakespeare as Rap to make it accessible to the yoof of the country?

Anyway, we had a lovely, gentle service that made me feel so very good. And thank you to the Choir for that perfect piece of an Anthem. I know that none of them will ever read this, but it was a great joy.

And so, back to work, another weekend bites the dust!

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