Thursday, January 7, 2010

Sno' Joke

The theme as you can see is once again snow. I just watched the news and they had a picture on showing the whole country, from space, and it is just white. Quite amazing really. They also had a bloke on saying that of course this was all the result of global warming, but I just don't believe him. How can this level of snow be the result of our climate warming up, I mean, honestly.

So, anyway. I got up this morning and thought about clearing the driveway. The snow is still some 40 cm deep on the drive, well everywhere actually. If I clear the drive I still won't be able to get the car off the drive because the snow at the top of the drive is just as thick and I am not clearing our corner of the Close. So it can stay as it is for the time being. To add insult to injury, it has been so dry and cold since the initial snowfall that the snow is very powdery and difficult to clear with an ordinary shovel.

I took Jasper the Spaniel out onto the local field again. He had the time of his life. I'm still quite unstable on my left knee, which was set back when I slipped quite heavily on wet grass a few weeks ago, before the snow started. So I'm having to go carefully. So I go out with dog lead and poo bags, walking pole and camera, but only two hands. So rather than taking the big Sony camera, I've been taking my little pocket Canon, which takes good pictures and, fortunately, is quite good at taking pictures of spaniels running past you at full speed. This was a piec of snow where it was quite shallow, a rareity I assure you, so he was floating on the surface. Most of the time he was doing his "Spaniel Bounce" to move through the snow.

What I call the Spaniel Bounce is most often seen in Summer in fields full of long grass. said Spaniel disappears into grass and will then be seen bobbing up and down. Jasper has not yet had a chance to bob up and down in long grass, but the last three days he has demonstrated his ability in snow, so he'll survive.

Me. I just struggled for the most part. Snow that is 42cm deep and is soft is very difficult to walk through because you have to lift your leg really high at every step, and my left knee still struggles to lift as high as it needs to as easily as it needs to. Fortunately I was able to take a leaf out of King Wenceslas book for part of the time, and follow in the footsteps of someone who had done much of the heaviest work for me.

Apparently, last night it reached -18 degrees C not far from here, just over the other side of Stockport. It would seem that tonight could be just as cold. So the chances of all this snow going any time soon would seem to be remote. Ah well. Another day, another Taler!

Hope everything is a good deal better where you are, dear reader, if there is actually anyone there at all.

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