Monday, January 4, 2010

New Year

Oh dear. I've come to the conclusion that I am just hopelessly lazy. That's what it is. When I came out of hospital last April, with my leg in a cast, I was convinced that I would be so bored that I would keep this blog up to date. But I didn't. I cannot say that I do lots of useful things, I don't. So where does all of the time go to?????

I think that I waste time. I get up later than I used to do, almost two hours later. Even if I get up earlier for some reason I don't get stuck into something, I just wallow around watching the Television. Too much TV and all that it is doiung is addling my brain. No, I have got to get going. So I must try and keep the blog up to date, for who knows who may be reading it. Actually, that's one of the reasons for being so useless at writing in the blog, the feeling that nobody at all is reading it. 

I am so happy to have stopped working. I am now sort of retired, though the fact that I'm not even 60 yet gives me pause for thought. I will soon be in receipt of my pension from the Government by way of the "Teachers Pension Agency" but I'm becoming increasingly worried that it won't be enough to keep us in the style of life that we want to be accustomed to. So I really do want to get another job. Lots of my friends say, "Oh, it'll be easy. They're always looking for Supply Teachers to cover for absences. But that is exactly what I do not want to do. Having been a teacher, I've seen how the students treat Supply Teachers, and I will not be treated like that. So I'd rather find something else I can do. Besides, If I teach then anything I earn could be taken off my pension. But if I do something else, such as stack the shelves in Tesco, then it won't affect my pension at all. So I need to think about the life of a jolly shelf stacker.

Right, enough waffling, write something worthy!

Maybe a bit later. I think I'll go and see if Tea is nearly ready. It is my dear wife's turn at cooking. I made us a Chicken Curry yesterday evening, so she is doing something today. Since the New Year has brought a new diet with it, I am really looking forward to my Evening Meal.  I'll let you know.

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