Saturday, January 9, 2010

A high wind from Jamaica (Sorry, no, that should be Leningrad!)

I got up this morning and looked out the window. Against all the evidence I had hoped that the world would have changed. An overnight thaw, was that too much to ask for. YUP!  The last thing that I saw on Television last night was the weather forecast. "More snow can be expected tomorrow, mainly along the east coast from Dundee to Felixstowe" (or to put it another way, all along the eastern coast of Britain from top to bottom.) "But what will be worse is the icy wind that is going to drive across the country coming in from Russia."

What have we done to the Russians lately to deserve their wind.

Anyway, I looked out the window and it looked the same as it had done the day before. White!

About 10 am Patricia asked me if I'd seen the icicle outside the kitchen window. So I had to go out in the snow to get a photo. It's an awful photo because you just cannot see the icicle. It's that picture at the top of the post. If you look carefully the icicle is almost perfectly line up with the centre bar of the window and as such you just cannot see it. However, take my word for it, it was spectacular, almost 4 feet long, or about 120 cm. Hanging from the gutter, straight down. I could not go and take another picture because as soon as I'd photographed it, I knocked it down. I would not want it falling off and hitting Jasper, it would go right through him.

I thought that was a spectacular winter photograph until someone sent me a powerpoint. You know how people find powerpoints, I do not know who creates them and equally I don't know who has the time to find them and send them out, but I was impressed by this one. I was particularly taken by this photograph of some ice covered cars. I don't know where they get weather like this, probably Miami, but I was impressed.

I took Jasper out onto the field where he had another extremely good run around. He is certainly enjoying the snow at the moment, though he does suffer terribly from the balls of ice and snow that he gets in his coat from running in the powdery snow. I managed to lose his lead as well today. He did a poopsie in the middle of a patch of untrodden snow, about 50 yards away from me. As I've said before, I am a great believer in picking up after my dog, so I went over to collect his little donation. While I picked ip up, I put his lead down, it's one of those hard plastic leads with an expanding tape. When I had picked up the poo I looked to see where he had gone and, typically, he was running around a good way away from me. So I set off to follow him. Two minutes later I realised that I didn't have his lead, I'd put it down, in the snow. This thing is big and bright red, but could I see it, no, lost in the snow. It will turn up when some enterprising lad trips over it while playing football. But how do you lose a dog lead like that. If jasper is a noolie then I'm a right plonker!

Anyway, I think that will do for the moment. Unless I think of something else to say. See you soon, tomorrow, the day after, or maybe July. Who knows! Have fun.

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