Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!

When I woke up on Saturday Morning, (this is last Saturday and was, I guess, January 2nd in this the first year of the new decade) it was to discover that a giant had used an icing sugar shaker to lay down the finest, thinnest, most gauze like layer of snow on the ground. I thought nothing of this. After all, on the Sunday before Christmas we had been hit by some 4 inches of snow, so a little Icing Sugar on the ground was nothing.

About three quarters of an hour later, just before 8 am, it started to snow, heavily, and it just kept on snowing for most of the day. By about 12 noon on saturday I went into our front bedroom and took this photo. Now I'm not soft in the head, I know that the 5 or 6 inches of snow that we had last Saturday was nothing to what they get all winter up in Northern Norway or Lapland, but we live in Glossopdale in the the North West of England. You just don't expect to get snow like this, not twice in one week anyway. So what is all this twaddle they've been going on about in Copenhagen in recent weeks. GLOBAL WARMING!!!!!! I've lived in this house for twenty five years and we have never had a winter like this one, not in my time here. So if we are seeing a 2 degree rise in global temperatures, why is it still snowing like this???

Okay, some clever brain is going to come up with a reason about changing weather patterns, but it is only about a year ago that they were telling us that Britain was going to have Mediterranean stle weather patterns due to global warming. Does it look like this in Greece at the moment.

I wrote that last night, finishing just as the Broadband Connection decided to give up the ghost. I went downstairs and had a cup of coffee whilst listening to the weather forecast. "There may be some chance of snow along the southern edge of the Pennines."  We aren't actually on the Southern Edge of the Pennines, we are on the western slope of the Pennines a bit to the North. Oh well, we might get a bit more snow.

I think that it must have started snowing just after I went to bed. When I got up this morning the snow was deep, for me. As I say, the Finns and Norwegians will be sitting around their log fires, killing themselves laughing about the way that a little bit of snow brings England to its' knees. Looks like a lot of snow to me! My next door neighbour just tried to go out in her 4x4 (or SUV if you are reading this in Murica). She got nowhere and after 5 minutes of engine revving, she went back inside.

Let us see if I can add a photograph of the back garden this morning. Now what do I press ......

Oh well, I've got some pictures in there. I took these at 8 am this morning, and it looked really bright, but now, looking at the pictures again, it looks like I took them in the middle of the night. By the way, in the third picture you have also got a shot of jasper the wonder Spaniel. He adores the snow, he seems to think that it has been put here just for him, and maybe he's right!

The last few days have been wonderful for jasper. We have been going onto the School Field. The school is just behind our house and the field is on the other side of the school. There is this huge field, and I do not exagerrate this time. It is pretty well fenced, but it is so big that I can afford to let him run free without too many anxious moments. Don't worry, by the way, I always go well supplied with poo bags. We follow the old adage of leaving nothing but footprints and taking nothing but photographs. I wish that every other dog owner followed the same dictum, then I would not get shouted at by mean spirited bigots who hate dogs.

I've taken  a number of photographs of Jasper on his walks out in recent days, but they are not always clear since he travels so fast that all that you tend to get is a rather blurred impression of something Spaniel-like. Let us see what I can do though, just to bring today's diary entry to a close.

Hopefully, I'll be back again before too long, but the last time I said that I didn't write anything for 5 months. See you soon!

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