Sunday, January 10, 2010

This cartoon was first published on 5th December, 2006 by Cox and Forkum. I came upon their website the other day.  At the moment I don't really know anything about it, except it features political cartoons and as far as I can tell it allows the free use of it's cartoons in blogs. That seems ever so friendly of them and I do hope that I have not misunderstood the instructions.

The only issue for me will probably end up being that it is quite clearly an American site and the cartoons tend to match up to American issues and the American world view. So I might not use their cartoons very often. That doesn't mean that they are not appropriate in some cases. I mean, the cartoon above tends to mesh in very nicely with my attitude to global warming. If we are seeing global warming, why have we had more snow in my village than I can remember in twenty five years.

Oh yes, I know, the global warming experts have lots and lots of answers, usually beginning with "You must not confuse climate with weather.", or "You have to consider weather patterns over several years, not just a couple of weeks." Thrice damned scientists always have an answer that doesn't make sense to me, at any rate. Richard Dawkins is another scientist who I have little or no time for, either, but that's another story.

As a Historian, which I am, let me just point out that in the middle of the 17th Century they had a series of very cold winters when the River Thames froze. There are numerous pictures of Frost Fairs held on the middle of the river. Not being a scientist I do not know what the hell that proves, but it tells me that the weather changes all the time.

I still think that at some point they will decide that the whole global warming thing is a load of old tosh, and then they'll just come up with a new theory. A bit like that period in history when everyone "knew" that the sun orbited the earth, which was flat. That knowledge extended from the core group of scientists that existed at that time. Later on they decided that it was actually the other way round and they then decided that the first group of scientists was wrong and they were right.

20 - 20 hindsight is a wonderful thing to have.

I'll put my soap box away now, shall I. Bye Bye for tonight.

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