Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Ruminations on the end of a holiday (Part 1)

I need to point out that I never claimed that I would be good at this blogging, and I'm awfully aware that nobody is ever going to read it. However, I can treat it as a diary, but I was never much good with diaries either. When I was young, like lots of people, I used to get a diary every Christmas as a small present. Usually thin and crappy from Woollies, but the thought was what counted. I always set to with a will to keep a diary every day for the next year, and usually got as far as January 5th, by which time I was getting bored of writing, it's raining again and it's cold.

So Samuael Pepys I am not! But if I really try, I may not write anything every day. Unlike Daniele I have not got that much time!

Let us see how we go.

Pat and I got back off holiday last Friday morning. As is our wont we decided to come back early because, being the August Bank Holiday, we expected the roads to get very busy. They were. So we drove straight up from the Suffolk coast where we stayed, near to Woodbridge in Suffolk, and straight home to Glossop in Derbyshire. I don't know how long that is, but it was four and a half hours straight driving, with a couple of breaks for breakfast and coffee. We set off at about 5 am and got home by about 10.30. But I was knackered. Somebody like my friend Richard, who drives for a living, would say that four and a bit hours driving was nothing, but my driving is usually limited to an hour at the outside.

I didn't do much for the rest of Friday, just sat and read a book. Must come back to that book! I really enjoyed it.

I've then spent the best part of three days faffing (you won't find that in the French / English Dictionary D.) about with my photographs. Two computers and two "My Pictures" Directories, both with different content and both with multiple copies of the same image. I do not claim to be a good photographer, but I do try to get something nice out of my camera. Anyway.

So I spent what seems like days getting that straight. I now have one, consolidated, set of photographs. I have also fallen in love with Google. Not the Search Engine, but all the freebies that they let you have as well. So here I am writing a blog on Blogger. I've got my Calendar going and I thought that I'd give Picasa a go as well.

Maybe I'll let you look if you are good. But you will only carp about my photographs.

Well, I think I will see if I can work out how to link the two things together.

Bye for now.

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