Saturday, August 30, 2008


And it is Saturday, 30th September. In real terms the holiday is over and it's back to work at the chalkface on Monday. So today isn't the penultimate day of the holiday, but just another weekend. Bugger!

Yesterday we went into Manchester. We do that fairly frequently because Manchester is our nearest city. We had to go for a meeting, but we got there four hours early. We parked in the car park for the arena, opposite what used to be Boddington's Brewery. Now, sadly, just a car park with this rather forlorn chimney left standing in the middle. It's a real shame. I mean, I never really drank Boddies, it's not my sort of beer, but it was Manchester's Beer, and now they make it somewhere else, probably in Poland or the Czeck Republic. How can "The Cream of Manchester" be made anywhere else. The funny thing is that they brew Scottish & Newcastle Beer in Moss Side, now where is the sense in that?

It's very liberating, writing a diary like this that you know will never be read by anyone. You can say anything you like.

Anyway, we parked in Salford and decided to walk into the city, it isn't that far. On the way we passed the Cathedral. Now we go to visit the Cathedral everywhere we go on holidays. I love looking at Cathedrals. But we never visit our own. Well, I've been once, many years ago when I was in the city doing a town trail with a bunch of Year 11s. But I only popped in. pat has been a few times for Guides, but usually for services. Did I take my camera, did I hell as like. "Oh, I'm only going into Manchester. What will I need a camera for there?" I must go again fairly soon and take a decent camera. That Cathedral is lovely, small but very nice indeed. More of this, I'm sure, anon.

We also had a very nice lunch at Bella Italia on Deansgate (Which I now believe to be short for St Dennis Gate). St Dennis is one of the patrons of the Cathedral. Back to lunch. We had a lovely simple lunch, Bruschetta, A Goat's Cheese Salad and Cheesecake. Bottle of beer (Peroni) and a lovely lunch with my wife. What more can you ask for? But don't go to the Bella Italia in Piccadilly. We went there three weeks ago and the service was abominable. So if anyone from Bella Italia ever reads this blog, sack the manager!

Then we had our meeting, then we went shopping at Tesco, then we went home. But it was a nice day!

Today I plan to do a little bit of heavy work in the garden, and if I don't stop this then I will never start. So TTFN.

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