Sunday, August 31, 2008

La fin d'ete

Yes, I know, the French is crap! Not to worry.

I was going to put another rumination on the end of the holiday, but I decided to do something different. 7.40 pm on Sunday 31st August. School starts at 8.30 am on Monday September 1st. So nothing much to do but panic.

No, siree. My wife and I have just had a chicken dinner to die for, the chicken was so moist and succulent. Thank you St. Michel, you really know how to raise free range chickens! However, to help it go down and to celebrate this last day of Summer, we had a very nice bottle of the Widow Cliquot's best frothy white pop! C'est Magnifique! Good grief, or even Sacre Bleu, that widow knows how to make a bottle of fizzy pop. However, I probably don't know how to make sense after drinking it.

I have had a very nice last day of the holiday. We went to Church at 8.30 to a Book of Common Prayer Communion, which will mean nothing if you aren't someone like me who adores the BCP. Then we came home and I washed the car (and as soon as I finished it started to rain and has not stopped. So what! Then we had a salmon salad for lunch and went out to a local Garden Centre and bought a tray of Pansies. Then we came home and had a cup of tea and a cake. Did a bit of sorting out my school bag for tomorrow, then had Dinner and the Widow's Wine. And here I am.

Nothing much more to say really.

The question is, can I keep the blog going when I'm back at school. We shall have to see but I will do my best.

My target is to write something, even if it is just a very little, every day. But I still haven't finished going back over my Summer Holiday photographs. My aim is to get my photos online and keep the blog going. And build an igloo out of ice cream.

If anyone evr reads this besides me and Pat and maybe Daniele, go and look at Boris's Blog, it is in the margin on the right? It is A M A Z I N G. Grud! I wish that I could draw like him!

C U 2Morra

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