Sunday, June 22, 2008

You have to start somewhere!

For everything else that I might have done, I never really thought I'd start a blog. I bet I don't keep it up.

Originally, I come from Kendal, that's the Auld Grey Town. Me and Pat have been there for the weekend. "Let's have a weekend away". "Why not".

So we stayed in a hotel and I thought that I knew which one I was booking, but it turned out that I didn't. Have you ever seen Fawlty Towers because the weekend had touches of it.

The hotel looked OK, except, perhaps, that it was in the middle of a housing estate. Our bedroom had no wardrobe, the skirting boards were dusty and the floor under the bed was an inch deep in dust.

On Saturday at Dinner we were served our pudding before our main course. At breakfast we were served cold coffee and when we asked about hot coffee we were told that the Chef knew it was cold but told the waitress to bring it out and see if we complained.

Having said that, we actually had a good stay. It looked a bit grim but the bed was really comfortable and the shower was hotter than we have had in many better hotels. There was a certain hotel in London, part of a top chain, where the room was smaller than a cupboard.

No, I might be willing to stay in this Kendal Hotel again if they didn't charge more per night than the local Best Western.

Anyway, back home tonight. Anything can happen tomorrow. Who knows, I might even write in this blog again.

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