Sunday, February 5, 2012

Wenceslassed - Again

If you are reading this, and I don't expect that anyone but me will read it, you'll note that I have not posted anything on the blog for just a little short of two years. I really did, do, enjoy writing a blog as it keeps my mind active, but it is so damned easy to let it slip.

I was doing something today that caused me to look at the blog and I felt a little guilty, so I thought that I would give the it another go. If I don't keep up with it this time I shall delete the whole thing.

Okay. Wenceslassed, snowed on, "deep and crisp and even". Well it actually snowed yesterday, and nothing like the depth of snow that they have suffered in the Balkans (note to me - can you remember that you have something to say about the Balkans??? I was really quite taken aback watching the BBC News which demonstrated yet again that as far as the BBC goes, England stops at Nottingham. "And in the South East they suffered dreadful snowfalls of almost 4 inches". Well what do you know?

We have had it easy this time, if the snow is four centimetres then that is about it! Still, it blows down into our corner of the close something dreadful. Being amazingly lazy today I decided to leave clearing the drive until tomorrow. It might rain tonight and save me the bother after all. My next door neighbour but one, (I really don't care for her at all and the feeling is mutual. Good job you don't read Blogs, isn't it dearie. Anyway, she spent a couple of hours this afternoon clearing snow off her drive, so that she could get the car out. About 4 pm a tractor with a snow plough turned up on our road - I've never seen a snow plough down here even when we have had three times as much snow as today. Anyway, it neatly ploughed a path down our road, and deposited the snow in a deep wall of dirty snow, right across the pathway that my neighbour but one had cleared!

Couldn't happen to a nicer girl!

I made the picture black & white not because it is an arty picture, but because I took it with my phone and it came out with a desperate blue cast. I am an awful old swine, aren't I.

Mind you, I shouldn't laugh, because the same wall of snow has neatly blocked off our little piece of the road, so it will just make more work for me tomorrow. Unless it rains, that is!

Let us see if I can make it back tomorrow. See you then.

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