Sunday, February 12, 2012

Still freezing after all these years

It isn't easy, at the moment, either getting decent photographs to put in the blog, or even enjoy a different walk out with the hound.

This morning the temperature is still very low, for the north of Derbyshire that is (I'm sure that this would be a balmy summer's day if we lived somewhere like Ekaterinburg, but for Glossop it is still very cold.

The result of that is the snow, which fell about a week ago has continued to lie on the ground. There have been short periods of thaw but they have had a very bad effect. The roads were cleared very quickly, for Derbyshire, but there has been no attempt to do anything with the pavements. 

So the pavement on Newshaw Lane, and the paths that I tend to follow with Jasper, have snow that has been beaten down to about three cms of really hard frozen ice. The short thaws managed to turn the surface to water which froze again almost immediately. Leaving the footpaths and the paths that I use as slippery as anything that I can imagine.

Yesterday morning it took the doggle and me about half as long again to do a short walk as it should have done. Even he with his miracle four leg drive had trouble keeping his feet in places and me, well that is me plus walking pole. equals sort of three feet slipping and sliding everywhere.

So why don't I take more photos. Well, at the moment I need one hand for the dog lead, one hand for the walking pole and two hands for the big camera. See the problem, two hands short. So to take a photo I must drop the dog lead, the dog runs away, drop the walking pole, I fall over and the camera slides across the ice. No, all things considered, till the weather gets better I shall stick to taking the odd photograph on my phone, and spend more time looking at other people's photographs on the internet.

If anyone other than me and Danielle bother to read this at the moment, then my persoinal favourites at the moment are these pictures on Flickr. Go to and have a look at some real winter photographs. (You don't need to look Danielle, I have already told you about these.) I do fully appreciate the fact that in order to take these photographs they have had a lot harder time in Slovenia than we have had in Glossopdale. But thank you very much Sedge, for uploading some wonderful photographs.

Right then, I must get going as I have a busy day this morning. The good lady is going to Church and I am skiving off to look after Jasper and take him a walk. Then we are going for Sunday Lunch to the Lodge of Hadfield. I'm looking forward to Roast Beef and Yorkshire Pudding. I can hear Danielle groaning from here. The one time that we dared to give Danielle Roast Beef she was very disappointed by the way that we overcooked the beef. I did try to point out that in this part of England it is not enough to put the oven onto very high then walk in front of it with the beef without actually putting it in the oven. I know, we overcook everything, if we were French we would eat more raw meat and probably live longer. But then I'm an old, unreconstructed Lakelander at heart and I prefer my meat well cooked, that way I know that it is dead.

So I'm going now, see you soon, I won't say tomorrow in case I don't have time. DV

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