Monday, February 27, 2012


I received an email yesterday evening from my friend Tony. The gist of his email was that he enjoyed reading my blog (Cor Luvvaduck) but as he works on a computer from home, he rather regards his computer as work, so he doesn't read my blog on it. Sounds like an impasse to me. He mentioned that he had recently obtained a Kindle and suggested that I consider publishing my Blog on the Kindle as well. He even provided me with a web address for the Kindle Blog.

So I looked it up. There was a form to fill in, and it asked for a link to the blog. So I gave it this address thinking that Google and Amazon being in a similar line of business, the Kindle probably won't work with Google Blogs. But to my surprise it did! Well, I never. Sacre Bleu! (That's for Danielle). So I am now signed up as an author on Kindle Blogs but will still only have to write the one Blog. What's more, they will pay me. They charge 99p to subscribe to a Blog, and promised to give me 10% (or nine pence) and as they will automatically pay my taxes for me (20% of 9p, let's see, let's round it up to 2p. So I stand to gain 7p per subscription (assuming anyone ever subscribes to these random ramblings. I am not going to get rich very quickly, am I?

And that will do me for this evening. I shall retire and mindlessly watch some television. I haven't even got a photo to brighten up the page today, but I'll see what I can do tomorrow. Have a good night and I'll be back in the afternoon tomorrow. Depend on it!

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