Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Mea Culpa

Don't really know what the title of this post means, to be honest, but if it means "Sorry" then it will do. It is now some two weeks since I last posted to the blog, and I really don't want to get any more out of touch with it than I am. In that last couple of weeks I've done a few things that I want to write about, just not tonight.

I managed a couple of good walks with Jasper that I want to mention, and I got some nice photographs at the time as well. I discovered the helpful soothing effects of Ibuprofen on a twisted ankle. Pat and I went on a weekend away in Cromford, further down in the county of Derbyshire, and I spent a couple of days in Hospital having minor surgery on my knee. It may have been mionor but it hurt quite badly at first. Also, as my friend puts it, being a fairly substantial sort of bloke, they bung more anaesthetic in me than they do in skinny people. That has left me feeling rather listless and lazy for a few days, but hopefully I am starting to come out of it a bit now.

So, hopefully, I will be back with a vengeance in the next few days. Unfortunately, my laissez faire attitude has not just extended to the blog, but to just about everything else in recent days, so I need to do some other jobs as well, and just at the time when the new computer has decided to have a hissy fit. Something has gone wrong in the Registry and all sorts of odd and weird things have started to happen. This may be the herald of a rebuild, which will be long and painful, but which will work.

At least a rebuild will not destroy all my data, fiungers crossed.

Normal Service will be resumed as soon as possible.

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Gramma Ann said...

I'm glad you are feeling a bit better after the surgery. My neighbor had knee surgery yesterday. I think she came home the same day. The doctor was going to scrape her knee. Sounds like fun!!!

I had a bad day today also, just that all over lazy feeling. I think when spring gets here I will feel better. Winter, always makes me a bit lazy. hehe.

Have a nice week, and blog when you have time, or feel like it.