Sunday, April 18, 2010

M67 on a Rainy Day - A critique

I'll start with a bit of a moan, which will get me nowhere at all but it will make me feel that I've said what I believe. About a week ago I came across a blogsite called "Paris Daily Photo". This led me to a site called "City Daily Photos" and thus to a network of blogsites which provide a Daily Photo from cities round the world. I've bookmarked a few to keep an eye on, and put myself in as a follower on one or two. At first I was really interested by the idea of chronicling my town by taking a photograph everyday, and I might still do so, even though Glossopdale does not meet with my concept of a "city". After all, the thing that takes me so long is typing all of these words. If all that I did was take a photo and bung it onto a blog, perhaps with a few sentences of explanation (but not even that most of the time) it would be quite easy. Certainly easier than writing a small essay every few days.

But one thing has rather spoiled that for me. About four days ago the website for the "Hyde Daily Photo" featured a picture of the M67 Motorway on rainy day. Now I won't criticise the photography, after all I don't claim to be a good photographer myself, but I do question the subject matter. You see, on the day that photo was published it was one of the nicest days of the year so far. It was a blue sky day, it was warm and the day was clear and bright, and on this day the daily photo for Hyde shows a miserable rain drenched stretch of the M67 Motorway. But Hyde is just over the hill from Glossop. I can drive to that point on the motorway in ten minutes and the motorway was not rain drenched on that day. And hadn't been for at least a week. I'm afraid that I regard that as a cop out. What is the point in having a Daily Photo Blog if your photo is not taken on that day. To me it is cheating. If you ever read this Gerald, please don't do this. I don't care if you have been running your photo blog for four years or forty. If you cannot show photos of that day, why bother at all. Mind you, I don't think that you will ever read this anyway.

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Gramma Ann said...


Well I just read your post and found it interesting. I have a blog with photos of flowers. I usually take a morning or afternoon and take pictures of other peoples flowers, and post them on "My Secret Garden" blog. The secret is most of the pictures are taken from other peoples flower gardens, because I don't have a green thumb, but love flowers, nevertheless.

Now, my "Photo Album Blog" is mostly of pictures my husband's great uncle took about 100 years ago. He was a photographer, and so we inherited many of his photographs of people we don't know and some of the relatives we knew. Most of the places and scenic pictures we do know where they were taken, because we lived in the area he photographed.

I visit the Paris Daily Photo blog each day. Eric, almost always tells us if he took the picture on another day. But, it really doesn't bother me, because I just enjoy visiting places I will never visit in my lifetime on other blog sites. Just like your pictures, I always enjoy seeing them.

I have learned alot about Paris just by following Eric's Paris Daily Photo blog. Even though he has short posts, they tend to educate me about Paris, along with everyones comments. Oh Yes! I read all the comments as well.

I will get off my soapbox now and say so long until next time. BTW has the volcanic ash affected your area of the UK?